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Do U.S. Navy seals Make a Lot of Money? M

Unlike Navy seals, swat team pay varies and is based on the budget and funding of. Seals earn up to 600 per month in special duty assignment pay as.

In 2013, officers could earn an additional 6,000 on a one-year contract. More years of service may increase this to 10,000 per year for three years, 12,500 per year for four years and 15,000 per year for five years. According to the U.S. Navy's website, seals are the highest-paid enlisted personnel in the military. Basic Pay for Enlisted seals, according to the Defense Finance and Accounting Service, enlisted ranks had a starting monthly basic pay of 1,516.20 in 2013.

Parachute pay, or jump pay, adds from 150 to 225 per month, and demolition pay adds 150 per month. Seals on special-duty assignments could earn an. Seal enlisted are entitled to Level 6 sdap when holding a 5326 NEC. SRB is our most effective retention tool and it affords Navy the ability to compete in a. Officer retention bonuses could boost pay by 15,000 per year for three-year contracts or 25,000 a year for five-year contracts. Newly commissioned chief warrant officers earned a 45,000 bonus if they signed up for four years of service. The Navy seal training program will stress you beyond your limits to make sure. Pay, 225/month halo (jump) pay, 110/month special duty assignment pay.