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Everyone has known this for some time, but the first domino fell last month when Dartmouth decided that it would no longer accept college credits for high AP scores. Yes, even 5s!

For not the first time in history, the pranksters and the slackers were both equally right. AP exams are a joke and a scam. They serve no purpose anymore. And they probably will not even exist in the next couple of decades. I had one buddy who took an hour-and-a-half bathroom break during World History. The cops were almost called. They thought he was missing. Anyway, you can see where this is going. Follow me on Twitter.

Got that? The kids who couldnt pass Intro to Psych were the ones who actually tried in AP Psych AND who received the highest grade you could possibly get. These werent the guys who took the hour-and-a-half bathroom breaks that were really grass-seeking operations that led to Tonys Civic. Of more than 100 students who had scored a 5 on the A.P. Exam, 90 percent failed the Dartmouth test. The other 10 percent were given Dartmouth credit. A follow-up effort produced even worse results, Professor Tell said.

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