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Making a list of pointers is helpful in making the important points easily visible and also makes the presentation neat. XAT, essay Topics, topics for, xAT essay have been broadly of two kinds.

2006: India has one of the largest pools of talented manpower, but few innovations and patented products. 2007: Economic Growth without environmental damage a mirage or a reality 2008: Gender imbalance will lead to Third world war. The other kind of topics is abstract. Such topics need a candidate to put the topic in different contexts and bring forward relevant and important points. Here is a list of previous years. Do not make the essay too lengthy or verbose. Be simple as far as possible. Try to bring up different, but relevant points. The examiner would evaluate a number of articles with similar points, try to be experimental with the tone of the essay.

Do not work with all the ideas together, take up each point one by one. Allot time for each point to be covered. Keep your explanations simple, crisp and clear. Avoid explaining too much. 2000: Ships in harbor are safe; but that is not what they are built for. 2001: Economic Growth without distributive justice can only lead to violence 2002: Indian Economy in the Post, wTO, era.

More than structuring the points and examiner is looking for a candidates ability and skill to structure his/her thoughts and opinions. A candidate should be able to put across strong and powerful points and justify his or her opinion with good real life examples.