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We've done our best to provide photos and detailed information about these wonderful papers but unfortunately you won't be able to appreciate their magnificence until you see and feel the actual sheets and experience their luxurious finishes. Make the selection process easier by purchasing Chip Charts featuring more than 200 of our paper samples. Or let us mail you six Free Paper Chips! A Word About Colour - Every attempt has been made to accurately represent the colours of the specialty papers sold at Paper Garden. Welcome to Paper Garden! Discover a diverse selection of gorgeous papers from across the globe. Whether you're creating dramatic wedding invitations, unique handcrafted cards or memorable scrapbook pages, your project will be enhanced by these distinctive papers. Keep in mind each monitor will display colour images differently based on a variety of factors. Please use the images presented only as a guide. Ordering a sample to ensure colour suitability is recommended. A reflective essay paper includes a description of an experience or a process followed by a personal reflection and evaluation of that. Not only does the teaching and learning reflective essay give you the chance.

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