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(Euro Zone, Arab Spring, US, etc.) A bespoke CV is written by me; especially for you. By the way, Who am I? Before you proceed, make sure you read all about ME. And finally, you lose the inner happiness pride that you would have felt, seeing the smile on your loved one's face, when YOU gave HER / HIM an Expensive Gift / Luxury Holiday.

Read more client testimonials reviews of our Results and Expertise from happy satisfied customers of our Resume Writing Service. Most people Do Not Know How to Apply for Jobs in the Middle East. I've been called for an Interview after 2 days. Thanks for your great service, Shabbir. You Rock!" Sarra Battik; Investment Consultant; Tunisia. " Shabbir is Knowledgeable an Expert at his job. Order Your Customized CV! Click on Your Level of Experience: Entry Level (0-2 Years Total Work Experience) Junior Professional Level (2 - 5 Years Total Work Experience) Mid Level Professionals (5 - 8 Years Total Work Experience) Senior Professional Level (8 - 40 Years Total Work Experience) Executive Level (CEO, CFO, COO, MD, VP, Director, Manager) A Resume is THE. Keyword Focused: Recruiters search online databases (such as MonsterGulf, Bayt, etc.) using "keywords" to describe the "skills" of a particular job. Well Written: Using proper sentence construction, correct grammar, tense spellings.

This was what I had dreamed my Job duties and the salary package should be. Due to my new customized Middle East CV, I was offered a position a Step Above what I would have otherwise got!

" Shabbir Kagalwala the resume writer, is an expert. He's made my resume Stand-Out! He knew such intricacies about my profession, which only a professional with 15 years experience like me, would have known.