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Place drop cloths on the floor around the base of the walls. If you plan to paint part of the room, do it before you wallpaper. Before working around electrical outlets, turn off electricity for that room at your circuit breaker box. Use a level to make sure your line is even. Step 2 Measure the length of one wall and cut a strip of border to fit. Allow a few inches for trimming. DO NOT crease the folds. Step 6. Unfold the top section, align with the ceiling and allow 2-inch overlap at the top. Move the edge of the paper against the first vertical plumb line and press into place.

Trim the paper around the edge leaving a slight overhang to be tucked between the object and the wall. Step 5 To paper around fixture collars, slide the collar back. Apply paper as close to the pipe as possible and slit the paper from the bottom of the pipe to the floor.

Allow about 1/2-in overhang. Smooth with a wallpaper brush. Step 5 Cut the next strip to match the pattern on the previous strip, allowing for a little overlap. Double cut the overlap with a straightedge and utility knife.

Remove all electrical outlet covers and switch plates. Make sure all of the rolls are from the same run number or dye lot. Write down the dye lot or run number for future reference. Unfold the bottom half and brush it into place. If you get a bubble that wont come out, stick it with a straight pin and work the air out with the smoothing brush.

Step 4 Work the paper behind the sink and toilet. To smooth the paper in a tight place, use a small paint roller. If the area behind the sink or toilet is too tight, brush the wallpaper strip as close to the edge as possible.