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A Simple Explanation of How Shares Move Around the Securities

Intent is that stock brokers pass this cost over to their customers which will bring requests for paper certificates to a standstill. 2009 - As of the stock brokers cannot send physical stock certificates for  most companies. What does this all mean? It means that if you want a paper stock certificate, you better hurry! The industry-wide effort to eliminate physical stock certificates started over 30 years ago but momentum is building.

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Remember to buy as many paper stock certificates as you can before they are gone forever as more and more companies are eliminating their paper stocks. Paper stock certificates will eventually be worth more than the trade price of the stocks themselves.  They could still use paper but would also be set up to allow electronic registration. 1970's - Brokerage firms took the first step to streamline paperwork by establishing a central depository, the Depository Trust Company (DTC) where all stock certificates could be maintained. (click the cap and diploma to see give a truly unique gift.  Buy one share of stock in their favorite company and get it there for in time for their Graduation Party. The problem of old stock certificates doesn't arise very often anymore, because most stocks are kept in electronic form in your broker's computer system (which is known as in street name).