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TCH500: AP Computer Science A (Elective) K12

Prerequisites: Knowledge of mathematics at the Algebra II level and experience in problem solving. A student in either AP Computer Science course should be comfortable with functions and the concepts found in the uses of functional notation, such as f(x) x 2 and f(x) g(h(x).

A basic understanding of networks. Knowledge of the responsible use of computer systems, including system reliability, privacy, legal issues, intellectual property, and social and ethical ramifications of computer use. Online Text; Java Au Natural by  Dr.

Some previous programming experience is also important and necessary for students to have before attempting this Computer Science Advance Placement A course. This course is equivalent to a first year university or college level course and the content is covered quickly. William C. Jones, Jr., 4th  Edition, 2004  Available for download at m.  Students must also have java and at least 128MB of memory. Download Syllabus in Adobe PDF format. Advanced Placement Computer Science A emphasizes object-oriented programming methodology with a concentration on problem solving and algorithm development and is the equivalent of a first-semester college-level course in Computer Science. It also includes the study of data structures, design, and abstraction, but these topics are not covered to the extent that they are in Computer Science AB.

An introductory course in C, Pascal, Visual Basic, Java or similar course would be sufficient. Html is not considered a programming language and would not give the students enough of a background to be successful.

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