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The My Own Business Online Course and Textbook can provide you with business plan templates that will enable you to create a custom plan for your own specific business as you proceed through the 15 sessions. This is your opportunity to get things going with a bang! If you give yourself enough time, the press may ask to run a story on you, and of course, youll be able to spread the word yourself, as well as ask others to do their bit getting word out. Figure out the best place to set up shop, what advantages does your solution have over your competitors? Outline the team that will help you execute your idea. What key responsibilities will each team member have? Define the problem your business is solving, summarize the solution your business offers. Define your target market, define your ideal customer, whats your market size? How easy is it to acquire a customer, and how much will it cost? Getting a Business Started in 30 Days. 1. Find a good business idea, a good business idea isnt just one that turns a profit. Its one thats a good fit for you personally, for your target market, and for your location.

Each session includes a business plan section that can be downloaded from website and provide you with a single, attractively presented document. Two complete business plan examples are also furnished, one for a product business and one for a service business. If youd like more in-depth information on any of the topics listed in the business startup checklist above, let us know by leaving a comment. The reality is, the vast majority of real startups are driven by people who know their market from experience and who are ready to bet the farm on it! Market research does not have to be a part of the business planning process.