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Mar 18, 2013. I m going to tell mammy on you all,1Versh told me. The water s nice, come on. You know you won t. He won t. He doesn t have the guts to do. And you still can shelter the money in tax-free investments and take advantage of tax law changes over the years. Q: Should I try to shield my identity? A: Absolutely. This will protect you from people who want you to invest in their business scheme or those who need cash in an emergency. Q: Remind me, how much did I win? A: As it stands now, the Mega Millions will pay out a lump sum of 359 million before taxes. The annual payments over 26 years will amount to just over 19 million before taxes. His foundation spent 23 million building two churches, and he's been involved in hundreds of legal actions. "If you win, just don't give any money away, because the more money you give away, the more they want you to give.

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In other states, you can form a trust but still be discovered through public records. And a few states require you to show up and receive your oversized check in front of a bunch of cameras, making it impossible to stay anonymous.