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There are more than 2,000 Spanish vocabulary and grammar flashcards included in the pre-loaded set and you can even add your own words directly from the Spanish app dictionary! Learn More, comprehension, reading and listening comprehension sections help high school Spanish students test their skills and improve their scores on on the comprehension sections of the AP Spanish Language test. Learn More, grammar Reference, all 14 Spanish verb tenses are detailed, plus all the tricky spanish grammar topics like: Ser vs. Estar, indicative vs. Subjunctive, preterit vs. Imperfect. Por vs. Para, si clauses, sequencing of tenses, learn More, dictionary. Los Cognados, seora J, objective: Students will identify the characteristics of cognates, such as similar spelling or linguistic root. Students will identify some basic patterns and similar. Writing Tips, included are 14 different types of text that you may have to know for your assignments in Spanish class or for homework. Each type of text contains Quick Tips about style and register, helpful formatting tips, examples, key lists of Spanish transition words and other composition words.

IB Spanish students focus more on the reading comprehension than the listening; but all students benefit from the listening practice! Learn More, purchase, this, high School Spanish app is designed to teach you Spanish while you're studying not just give you quick answers. English words are identified by the American flag for easily distinguishing them between the. Spanish vocabulary words. Learn More, flashcards, study all the basic words you need to know out of context which keeps your mind sharp and helps you recall important words on the spot! Our bilingual, spanish dictionary app and spanish thesaurus includes more than 30,000 entries. The convenient bilingual search allows you to quickly navigate to the word youre looking for in Spanish or English.