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A concise letter of complaint must make its main point in less than five seconds. The complaint letter may subsequently take a few more seconds to explain the situation, but first the main point must be understood in a few seconds. Give the manager a week or so to get back to you. If you don't hear anything after that amount of time, give them a call and ask if your letter has been received. Make sure you know the date and time of the incident, as well as the name of the employee responsible, if possible. Scribble down your complaints first. Sometimes after an experience with poor customer service, you might be angry and not thinking rationally. "I'm not blaming anyone. "I'm sure this is a rare problem. your letter (or phone call) will be seen as friendly, non-threatening, and non-confrontational. This relaxes the person at the other end, and makes them more inclined to help you, because you are obviously friendly and reasonable. Even if you are very angry, it's always important to make a positive, complimentary comment. It will make the reader and the organization more inclined to 'want' to help you. More about this below. How to Write a Good Customer Satisfaction Letter. Everyone has had a bad customer service experience and in this day and. The letter may be about poor service, an over charge or a bad product.

How to Write a Customer Service Complaint Letter. Everyone has had a bad customer service experience and in this day and age,. How to Write Letters of Complaints As a Former Customer.