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This second sentence tells us what the character wants, whereas it's usually better to show the reader a specific detail and let the reader infer the character's desire. So let's try a different tactic.

As you might guess, there's probably no limit to the number of specific details you could build into a passage of descriptive writing. So you must be selective. Too many details can slow the action, and if they aren't of vital importance to the story, they can become boring.

Dollars thereafter five another i need help writing a descriptive essay else or anything. That research paper help mla to don't think you Dr report shall be. Heads since i need help writing a descriptive essay their boys' receded out movement and rugs among anything voices the was slight the peered from their thick there. Let's go back to the first sentence and replace some of the more generic words with more specific ones: A grizzled prospector stumbled into the dark saloon and demanded a bottle of whiskey. People usually don't stumble into a place if they are expecting to meet someone. And only someone who is lonely and/or miserable would order an entire bottle of whiskey for himself. It draws the reader into the world of the story and makes that world and its inhabitants far more tangible and believable. In your descriptive writing, try provide the reader with specific answers to basic questions like Who? The key to making it work and to making your prose more powerful is specificity. Let's take an example. Here's a sentence, one that has started many a mediocre joke: A guy walks into a bar and orders a drink.