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How to Hire a Freelance Copywriter: 5 Steps (with Pictures)

There are at least three reasons why firms and entrepreneurs run into trouble selecting copywriters: They are not familiar with the craft of writing, so they dont ask the right questions. Step 6 7: Conduct a Two-Part Edit Test. The First Test, its essential to give a copywriter a test that offers a real-life example of what theyll be doing for your company. This is not a rhetorical question: youd be surprised how many people think writers are interchangeable parts. They only find out how wrong they are at the end of a projectwhen their newly launched website is incomprehensible, when their 10K a month PPC campaign generates a 0.5 click-through rate or when their e-mail campaigns conversion rate hovers slightly north of. Youd be surprised at how many hiring managers dont do this. Tests dont have to be a series of hoops that a writer has to jump through. It doesnt have to be complex or super taxing test either.

One of the perks for freelancers is being able to pick who you work with especially if youre good at your job. If you can entice a writer with the promise of fairly steady work over time, youll have a better chance of nabbing a great one. Heres my proven seven step process for finding a mind blowingly good copywriter and convincing them to stick around to help you grow your business. Step 1: Figure Out What You Want, copywriters are like doctorsthey all have specialties.

A great copywriter is key. A great copywriter, editor and collaborator is even better. After youve been able to bat ideas and suggestions back and forth with a possible writer, youll get a sense of how well they can write and how well you can work together. To more fully evaluate those non-writing skills, I review the work product with each candidate. I want to see how they respond to my critique because it gives me further opportunity to interact with the candidates and evaluate their communication style and overall attitude.