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Beginning with WindowsVista and Windows Server2008, the registry writer now performs in-place backups and restores of the registry. On versions of Windows prior to WindowsVista, the registry writer used an intermediate repository file (sometimes called a "spit file to store registry data.

BCD during shadow copy creation. The ASR writer must be included in any backups required for bare-metal recovery. For more information about ASR, see Using VSS Automated System Recovery for Disaster Recovery.

Dit) and the associated log files for each instance in program filesMicrosoft adaminstance N data, where N is the adam instance number. These database log files are required to restore adam instances.

All catalogs owned by CryptSvc. The restore application is responsible for laying down the files and registry and setting ACLs to match the system shadow copy. The appropriate hard links must also be created for a system state restore to succeed. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (dhcp) Writer Beginning with Windows Server2003, this writer is responsible for enumerating files required for the dhcp server role. This writer is an in-box writer for Windows Server operating system versions; it does not ship in Windows Client. I/O on these files on the shadow-copied volume. To install this writer on the server, you must install the File Services role and enable the Windows Search Service. WMI Writer, beginning with WindowsVista and Windows. All static files that have been installed. A static file is a file that is listed in the component manifest with the writeableType file attribute set to "static" or ". Static files include all files that are protected by Windows Resource Protection (WRP). The COM catalog is a file in SystemRootRegistration with a name that follows the pattern b, where xxxxxxxxxxxx is a 12-digit hexadecimal number. There can potentially be multiple such files if COM applications have been configured on the computer.