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Finally, I know that some of you may be more interested in improving your writing than starting your own practice as a freelance lawyer. That's why I also offer private consultations, where I'll work one-on-one with you to evaluate your writing style, identify your personal strengths and weaknesses and help you write clearer, more persuasive briefs. Your practice may be busy enough to benefit from project-based outsourcing, but not busy enough to support another employee. Outsourcing is a wise use of your firm's resources that can increase profitability. She gave me a new perspective on the case, offering new arguments that would never have occurred to me. Her writing was impeccable, and she researched caselaw from my jurisdiction that provided me with an understanding of the arguments she suggested. Why Outsource to Lisa Solomon? Experience and Expertise, lisa was one of the first lawyers to recognize and take advantage of the technological advances that make outsourcing legal research and writing services practical and profitable for law firms of all sizes.

Your malpractice rates will rise, and you will be subject to all the financial and legal responsibilities that accompany "employer" status. Retaining an independent contractor is much less complicated, both initially and on an ongoing basis. According to the American Bar Association, as of December 31, 2007, there were over 1.16 million practicing lawyers in the United States. In a 2000 statistical survey, the American Bar Foundation found that 48 of lawyers were solo practitioners and another 15 worked in firms with 2-5 lawyers. Boost Professional Satisfaction, some lawyers simply like doing "outside" worksuch as trials, depositions and client meetingsmore than "inside" work, such as legal research and writing. Outsourcing frees you to do those tasks that you find most personally and professionally rewarding.