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25 Dec - Hong Kong surrenders to Japan. 1942 2 Jan. - Japan captures Manila in the Philippines 15 Feb. - The Japan captures Singapore 5 May - The Battle of the Coral Sea between the US and Japanese navies 30 May - Anglo-Americans start bombing Germany 8 Nov - British and U.S.

130,000, bC, neanderthal Britain. The dominate human species is Neanderthal. 25,000, bC, ice Age, northern Europe and most of modern Britain is plunged into a deep Ice Age 12,000, bC, beginning of the end of the Ice Age, re-colonization of Britain by home sapiens. WW2 ends in Europe 9 May - Germany surrenders to the Soviets. Creation of the Welfare State introduced social security payments for the unemployed. 6 Aug. - The first atomic bomb is dropped by The United States on Hiroshima killing 78,000 citizens 8 Aug. (until the Liberation on ) German troops take over the Channel Islands, the only British soil occupied by Germany 21 June - Italy invades southern France. 22 June - German troups conquer most of France. 6 Sept. - South Africa declares war on Germany. 10 Sept., canada declares war on Germany. 17 Sept. - The Soviet Union invades, poland from the east. 30 Nov. The Soviet Union invades. A moat surrounds the four wings of the house, the walls on all four sides dropping vertically into the water, and within them an open cobbled courtyard. Back to main Castle page).

1941 March - Bulgaria joins the Axis. 6 Apr. - Germany invades Yugoslavia and Greece. 10 May - German air raid damages the House of Commons in London. 22 June - Germany invades Russia 7 Dec. 30 Apr. - Hitler commits suicide 7 May Germany surrenders to the western Allies. 8 May Winston Churchill announces VE Day - Victory in Europe. British people wave flags, sing and dance in the streets.