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How to Write a Great High School Application Paper

Make Your Admission Essay Unique. One of the common questions asked in a high school admission essay is, to share an experience in school where you gained respect for social, cultural or intellectual differences. My nervous energy is mounting, but this isnt the first time I have preformed on stage, and hopefully it wont be the last. I can remember decades ago in high school when I first began dancing in front of an audience. Although a particular high school may have its own requirements for an admission essay, the basics for these essays are usually the same. Below are three suggestions you can refer to, in order for your essay to be sound and appealing. A lot of students reply to the question with the focus of the various ideas and backgrounds that encompassed their past few years. They usually list all the differences in languages, clubs, cultures and thoughts, but without giving a personal perspective or specific details of an actual experience or the individual student. Essay 5, i was born and raised primarily in Medellin, Colombia, which is a land rich in beauty, but sadly for many of the people living there it is also a land of where poverty is a way of life. By saying unique, it doesnt necessarily mean a clever and one-of-a-kind idea. Instead, it means shifting the focus to your own individual story that is addressed with interesting details. Show and Tell. In addition to having some of the most recognized and lauded faculty in world, _ is committed to maintaining a diverse student population. As person of African heritage who grew up in Jamaica, and is now planning to embark on my university studies in the United States, I see this commitment to diversity as an essential element.