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Talk about the skills the profession needs, how youve noticed this and how youve developed those skills yourself.' (Occupational Therapy admissions tutor) More useful advice: 6. Can you demonstrate transferable skills? Yes you can and admissions tutors will want to hear about them.

'If youre taking the EPQ, do talk about it, as its the kind of studying youll be doing at uni.' (Modern languages admissions tutor) 9. Whats the long-term plan? Mention what your longer term goals are if you can do it in an interesting way and youve got a specific path in mind. But,

But try to avoid mentioning the wider reading that everyone else is doing. 'If I have to read about, freakonomics once more, Ill scream!' (Economics admissions tutor) More useful advice: 4. Why its relevant to your course.

10. Keep it positive It can be difficult to get going with your personal statement, but dont panic. Start with your strengths, focus on your enthusiasm for the course and talk positively about yourself.

'Keep on topic and show that youve really done your research and know why you want to do the course.' (Sport admissions tutor) More useful advice: 3. Say what youve done outside the classroom, if possible, outline how youve pursued your interest in your chosen subject beyond your current syllabus. Again, admissions tutors want to hear about specific examples, like: projects and assignments (what role did you play, what went well?) positions of responsibility (what did you achieve, how has it improved your self-confidence?) sport, music or drama (what did you learn from your role, how did you work as a team?) Young Enterprise, Duke of Edinburgh's Award (what was. No two personal statements should be the same (the clue is in the personal! but there are certain additions that will get the attention of the admissions tutor reading it whatever subject you want to study.