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ADD / adhd and School: Helping Children and Teens with adhd

Related Features: Know Your Child's Strengths and Limitations, not only do the core symptoms create an extraordinary challenge in school, but 20 to 30 percent of children with adhd also have a specific learning disability. Give your child support and encouragement, along with the message that she is strong enough to carry the load. "Motivational procedures - such as sticker charts and time-outs - don't teach kids the skills they're r do they solve the problems that are reliably and predictably setting in motion challenging episodes Dr. Collaborate with your child's teacher to find solutions for your child's. ADD (adhd) challenges. With your busy schedule, it's not always easy to meet with your child's teacher in person, so here are some ways to keep in touch: Communicate by phone or email on a regular basis. There are kids who concentrate best while listening to music; others need total silence. Encourage your child to try different approaches to homework. Together with your child, develop a daily homework plan that best suits his or her individual needs. Don't try to "tutor" your child. That doesn't mean that you can't help your child once in a while. But if your child needs a lot of help, has a specific learning disability or has major problems with planning, time management and completion of long-term assignments, he needs professional help. Students with adhd often struggle with planning and contemplating future rewards and consequences. This makes it very difficult for them to achieve success with long-term rewards programs that are common in elementary school.