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I've been a longtime user of the. Mac-Friendly Spin Rewriter subscription service to spin and keep an archive of my blog and article content. Currently at version 5, it offers highly manual or automatic intelligent word subsitutions, complete paragraph and sentence rewriting, flat or nested spinning, paragraph or list reordering, even automatic summary paragraph creation.

The expression "Duplicate Content "penalty" is a misnomer. It's actually a filter that may or may not apply when instances of non-unique content are kept out of a search engine's index.

They offer a limited, free version to try, and affordable monthly or annual subscription rates. There's also a large library of existing articles built-in for you to get started with. Article Spinner 2 For OSX, article Spinner 2 is an extremely handy spin-syntax aware text editing app which runs natively on OSX that color-codes and highlights bracketed spintax text as.

I use it often to spin Titles and Descriptions for spun social bookmarking services and check them for valid formatting before submission. It's available at the Apple App Store for instant download for 7.99 and worth every cent. Even if you're not comfortable using even well-spun content on your money site, it has a useful place for tiered link building. It's a must-have piece of Mac software that is very useful for manually rewriting content and spotting spintax formatting errors in spun articles. It only offers a rudimentary word substitution dictionary: Click on a word and IF there are alternatives, it will list them in the sidebar. The authority and trust of a website that content is published on generally outweighs the quality (or lack of) the text itself! When done well, spinning is an incredibly powerful tool in your Mac article directory submission efforts. Article Spinner 2 also handy for previewing and generating a unique version of your existing content or already spun text for one-off publishing. With a built-in tool to log-in and publish to either a free Web 2.0 m blog or your own hosted WordPress site, it can help you quickly output a spun variant and post unique content ideal for.