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Need a welcome speeches for a naming ceremony or baptism party

What kind of person will he/she become? Will she/he be a rocket-scientist or an athlete? Find a cure for the common cold, or be the next Prime Minister? The brilliant thing is, nobody knows? Take a look at the christening messages below- mix and match them, add a great welcome speech, adapt them and personalize them. Until you have just the perfect congratulatory message. There's something quite special about a new little life in this world, so take the time to show you care. May he/she continue to grow and always be nurtured and cocooned by love, friendship, faith and wisdom. _ An incredible day we share together, the Christening of such a very special young lady/gentlemen.

Thank you. MC Quola - 16-Sep-15 @ 3:32 PM, that was a wonderful speech. It's gonna mean a lot to many people out there especially the infant's family. Jasmine - 6-Aug-11 @ 3:23 AM, title: Miss Ms Mrs Mr Dr Rev'd Prof. Today marks a momentous and incredibly special occasion, the christening of insert child's name. We come together to dedicate his/her life to God, and to congratulate insert the names of the parents on bringing this wonderful young life into the world.

Isnt that just brilliant? He/she is a blank canvas a clean slate and we all get to watch her/him write whatever he/she wants to on it. And yet, important though this is, whats much more important is that she/he is happy.

Lifelong memories are made when really great poetry is quot;d correctly in a speech. Here is what you do - and how you do it with aplomb!