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You should try to strike a balance between an over-detailed description of even the most trivial items and a very sketchy statement that provides insufficient information. The important guideline is that another worker of similar training and ability, following your description, should get the same results.

C. What is the format of a reference? With either method of citation the format of the reference list should be as follows: 1. For a periodical: A reference to a periodical should include, in the order given: 1. As an example, one might write, "A phosphorylated histidine residue has been proposed as an important component in the mechanism of action of succinylcoenzyme A synthetase (Bridger, Millen and Boyer, 1968)." If this method is used, the list of references at the end of the paper must be in alphabetical order, according to the last name of the first author.

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When writing a report, you should determine what the instructor or editor prefers. Reports should be written with care, typed ( spell checked) if possible, but in any event, completely legible, as soon as possible after completion of the experiments described.

- Name(s) of author(s (last name, first initial). 2. - Name of periodical (use standard abbreviations). 3. - Volume number, underlined. 4. - Page on which article begins (or where it begins and ends) 5.

- Year of publication 7. - Volume number (if necessary) 8. - Page(s) on which the point cited is found. For example: Lehninger, A.L. "Biochemistry 2nd ed. Worth Publishers, Inc. N.Y. If it is in the style of a scientific article, it should have an abstract. In addition, a scientific paper generally has five sections: 1 introduction : Include a statement of the problem to be investigated, why the work was carried out, history and theoretical background of the problem, a brief statement of the general method of approach to the.