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The meander continually changes shape as the fast flowing current of water erodes the outside bank of the meander bend and deposition occurs in the slack water of the inside of the bend.

Most gorges have rocky sides. The river cuts this deep valley by erosion. Gorges are created over thousands of years. Hydraulic Action The force of the water wears away the river bank from underneath I Irrigation The supply of water to farmland so that crops can grow in areas wherewater supplies are scarce or unreliable. The boundary of a river basin is called the watershed. Erosion Erosion The wearing away, in this case by water and rocks constantly rubbing Estuary A drowned river valley in a coastal lowland area. Sediment may be called alluvium if it deposited on the bed or a river, it may be called a beach when deposited by waves. Silt Tiny pieces of sand or rocks.

Precipitation A general term for all forms of water particles rain, snow, sleet, dew, hail etc. R Rapids Rapids are fast-flowing stretches of water formed where the river surface breaks up into waves because rocks are near to the surface. Bed (riverbed the riverbed is the ground at the bottom of the river - often made up of sand and stones. River Cliff, canal, an artificial or man-made river channel. Channel, a groove in the land that a river flows along.

River Severn River Thames, river Keywords and definitions. For photos with definition please visit our river keyword search. Y Z, a Rounded pebbles and rocks, abrasion, abrasion is a form of erosion caused by rubbing of fine particles against an object. This often happens on the inside of meanders, because the water is flowing slowly. Depth, how deep the water is. Discharge, the amount of water flowing in a river per second.