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You have WIC, Foodstamps, some energy assistance etc, no cash to speak of anywhere. Sonshinesas How will you pay rent if someone gets you an apartment? Mystery90s I need it too. I have a 6month old and a four year old. I'm so scared. I don't know what to do. I should just give up. A single mom of one boy. Earn very little n can't afford my bills and rent. Momma AJ in reply to, crystal Raye. Don't give up sweetheart he has not forgotten about you he has a plan for u and ur baby. It may not seem like it right now but hr has by plans for u please don't give up u your 6 month old needs you. This may help somewhat. I will pray for you as well. Write back if you have questions. Sister Servant. Brittany poole in reply to, crystal Raye, why are you being evicted is something someone who god wants gone what are you doing wrong change and make sacrifices he will give u everything and more back why your loosing is bc.

And God has a plan that will help. But you must trust and you must draw closer in your relationship with God. It takes a lot of courage to do this, especially when we are scared. My debts are terribly accumulating sonshinesas in reply to, pumpster82, i meant get another one, sometimes you have to work more than one job to make it. Pumpster82 in reply to sonshinesas, i have a job it is a low income Job ameena, please help me my husband low income,I have lone to pay littlelacie in reply to mystery90s hi. Begin now to thank Him everyday for something that you have already. I have written a number of prayers for others on this website. Above all, do not give up. You children need you. Crystal Raye, god has forgotten about me and my family. I'm about to be evicted, and they are going to sue me for the money I rnish my wages. Then I won't be able to even eat.