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Lynettes ielts tips for Band 8 in just 21 days Todays post is dedicated to Lynettes success in ielts. Lynette. Glenns tips for busy people who need a high ielts score (he got Band 8!) Glenn is a 33 year-old man from the Philippines, whose.

Task 1 Sample bar graph, click here to view, sample essay topic #1, click here to view, click here to see what a real Answer Sheet for the Writing section looks like.

Note: the essays are checked by an ielts teacher, not an ielts examiner or examiner l the bands are approximate. Suggested corrections are in the window, related posts: Self study CAN get you Band 8 in ielts Today we would like to share two success stories of. This sample is a Letter topic click here to view. This sample is an essay topic click here to view. Writing samples for Academic Module, this sample includes 4 reports and 4 essays, all with examiners comments, as follows 1) A report of Band 5 2) Two reports of Band 6 3) A report of Band 7 4) Two essays.

Related posts: Writing Task 1 letter is the order important? Have you ever thought about the order of information in. Ielts tips from a Band 8.5 scorer, and one more ielts Success story Today we would like you to meet two ielts test. A 42 year-old businessman scores Band 7.5 in ielts after just two weeks of study Todays post is dedicated to the success story of Manoj.

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