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Below are some extensions on Web addresses, which give clues as to where the Web server/site resides:.edu - for education sites.gov - for government sites.org - for organization sites.com - for commercial sites.net - for network infrastructures or the abbreviation of a country, such as.jp for Japan The Internet addresses (Domain Names which end in such extensions, correlate to the. Are the graphics designed to grab your attention? Do they make the site easier to use, or help explain concepts? Do the graphics support text information or do they stand alone?

Is it a hodgepodge of various personal interests of an individual? 5. What kinds of graphics are on the sites? Describe them in detail. How do they relate to the topics? Researching and Critiquing Internet Resources, the goals of this assignment are to help you: become knowledgeable about doing research on the Internet develop your critical thinking skills and back up your conclusions with evidence. Web serials that do not have issn numbers are probably created by entrepreneurs and less authority than other publications Commercial sites - Although many legitimate businesses have Web sites; some are not legitimate. Or the presentation may be an oral l report to the class, with the web page transmitted on a screen, using a Web browser. Attention: If you submit your report as a Web page, provide links to the original Internet material you are analyzing. From what institutions or organizations do the sites originate? Any group can give itself an official sounding name or logo. What beyond surface credibility gives you clues about the reliability of the site and its information?