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The subject-in-title is also critical for online shoppers searching for keywords or key phrases in search engines or on websites. Assuming the core of your title is something like auto repair, retirement or sailing, you need just a few words to fill it out. Few secrets are secretand no secrets are secret after even one person reads your book. (below) Unlike nonfiction, keywords dont matter for fiction, humor or poetry titles. You just want something distinctive and memorable.

Some people think its bad luck to announce a pregnancy before the baby is born. Others start blabbing and buying baby clothes on the day after conception. There is similar disagreement about announcing a books title long in advance. Some typical phrases are learn about, all about, how to, plan for, introduction to and buyers guide. (below) Try this handy Title Generator Table to get started. Pick one item from each column: Any of those titles should make it very clear what your book is about, andexcept for the sexwould also be boring and forgettable. This was in 1968, when Jews and Catholics rarely married each other, and there was lots of opposition. Bette and Richard rebelled, got married and are still very much in love. Come up with about a dozen possible titles. Print them up in big type, one title per page. Hang them on the wall. Stare at them. Close your eyes and say the words and analyze what you visualize or don't visualize. Club and group take up less space than organization. Pasta is shorter than macaroni. It's OK to use a single-character ampersand instead of a three-character "and" in a title. When you get down to two or three "finalists make dummy book covers with appropriate type and artwork. I could have made it " Don't Get Screwed." Maybe I'll change it. If youre writing a nonfiction book, the subject will suggest the books title. The subject has to be in the title to attract browsers in stores if your books are sold there.