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Author Unknown service details proofreading editing options can be tailored to include: Option 1: Proofreading A proofread for basic errors including: Typographical errors Word choice Correct tense Sentence/paragraph structure Other basic errors With Option 1, you are satisfied with the overall style and content meaning of the document, but want the minor details polished to perfection.

The Editor provides proofreading and editing advice and services for all print-based text including: Books Manuscripts Journals Magazines Newspapers Newsletters Articles Other forms of text and writing for print or publication There are two primary options for editing your print-based documents/writing. Your content consumer likely wont be leaning back in their computer chair, feet up; they are actively searching. You have to catch their eye in an instant and keep it there. This includes proofreading and editing help with: Articles Research reports Research papers Papers Proposals Peer reviews Literature reviews Course material All other forms of academic writing There are two primary options for editing your academic documents/writing. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors, structure, content meaning, and word choice are common student writing dilemmas. Academic achievement brings great personal pride and opens doors to greater opportunities. The Editor provides students fast, affordable, access to proofreading and editing services for help with: Essays Dissertations Theses Summaries Proposals Reports Presentations Projects Admissions applications Other student writing, documents, and projects There. Or, are you self-publishing and want to polish your work and format it as a secure e-book? Do you have a newspaper or magazine article that has to be perfect before you send it to the production crew? Disclaimer proofreading editing english FOR speakers OF other languages Proofreading and editing helps you make writing in Englis.