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 It will cost you less than 40 and a few hours of work to do the entire thing, and we will walk you through it. Here are some tips on how to ace your chemistry class (with a little help) Some Frequently Asked Chemistry Questions: FAQ: Do I need a tutor? Chemtutor provides no personal or online tutoring. See Friends of Chemtutor (below) for that. M is in NO WAY connected with any other website or chemistry-learning product. Chemtutor is a work in progress.

 It is really difficult.  It gets easier when you know the language.  Next, you need to learn the basics of your course.  Whether you are in high school or college, general or organic chemistry, you need to know the basic tenets of the course cold. Advanced Network Services, Inc. (ANS) is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to advancing education by accelerating the use of computer networking applications and technology. Site highly rated by Schoolzone - the leading independent educational review body of UK. MyGuru provides in-person and online 1-1 tutoring in most subjects and standardized tests, including both general and organic chemistry tutoring through a small team of highly experienced tutors. Find tutors in the USA: chemistry tutors, math tutors, science tutors and English tutors.  If you are going to college and are going to be a science or Pre-med major, the answer is a very loud YES.  Some say physics is the central science, but we think that it is actually chemistry. Find tutors in Canada: chemistry tutors, math tutors, science tutors and English tutors m provides in-home, private chemistry tutors who know that when students understand how Chemistry applies in their lives they learn better.

 It is also easier to show them the topics that you are having problems with since you are right in front of them.  Online chemistry tutors are good because they are usually more flexible than live tutors, they are sometimes more experienced (especially if you are in a rural area and you can meet them from your computer in the.