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Travers and fellow Director Justin Northrop lead a 26-strong team of architects, draftspeople and interior designers to seek longevity and robustness in design. This shows in their choice of materials hardwearing ones like steel and timber.

Being an organiser definitely detracts from being able to get fully involved. It takes a lot of enthusiasm, time and commitment. But its totally worth it, says Andrew Blake, one of five committee members of Melbournes Dirty Deeds Cyclocross. But at East Elevation in East Brunswick, the concept has been taken to a whole new level. Shiitake, and blue and pink King Oyster mushrooms grow on logs. They unfurl in dark, moist bags, and fruit in jars.

It made a big impression. He spent hours trying out different designs and seeing which ones flew best. But his new interest landed him in hot water: he got kicked out of a shopping centre for perfectly landing one of his creations in somebodys coffee from six floors up.

The pros and cons of skinny-dipping The Vine December 2013 We are all naked under our clothes, yes indeed. But me oh my, I've noticed lately that whenever there is a body of water bigger than a bath tub to hand, I'm wont to rip off my clothes and make my way in, quick smart.

Microgreens tiny delicate greens that are sprouted from germinated seeds, and consumed in their entirety in various stages of sprouting green up the space, and passionfruit vines curl and weave through the exposed trusses. A no holds barred bike race that pits contestants as much against nature as against each other, Dirty Deeds seeds road riders take to the tundra (and the sand, pavement, trails, hills and mud) in short, intense, circuits.