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13 United States, National Council on Disability, Carrying on the Good Fight - Summary Paper from Think Tank 2000 - Advancing the Civil and Human Rights of People with Disabilities from Diverse Cultures (Washington: GPO, 2000) 6.

2006, 12 Feb. 2006 m/53793. 20. Reference to Shakespeare: (Shakespeare's plays are cited with Roman capitals for the Act, small Roman numerals for the Scene, and Arabic numerals for the Lines). All subsequent quot;tions are from this edition. After this, it is only necessary to supply the page number of the text: Sheriff Otis Doyle testified that Miss Snell told him that "Carrie did it. Carrie did it." (198) 23. Sources used more than once: For more detailed treatment of this topic, see How to Write Footnotes and Endnotes. 1. If a source was footnoted earlier, you can use a shortened Footnote or Endnote providing only the author's surname and the reference page number: 1 King 197.

20 Hamlet IV, i, 15-18. In-text Footnotes or Endnotes may be added in an essay for a single Shakespearean play: 20 Lear sums up his whole tragedy when he says, "I am a man more sinned against than sinning." (III, ii, 57) 21. 1998: 15. 12 Katrina Onstad, "Not Too Naughty, Not Too Nice rev. Of The Santa Clause 2, dir. Michael Lembeck, National Post Toronto 1 Nov. 2002: PM5. 13. Government document: 13 Canada, Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, Gathering Strength: Canada's Aboriginal Action Plan (Ottawa: Minister of Public Works and Government Services Canada, 2000) 12-13. 7. Article from an encyclopedia with no author stated: 7 "Malcolm X Encyclopedia of Social Issues, 1997 ed. 8. Article from an encyclopedia with one author: 8 Lawrence A. Presley, "DNA Fingerprinting World Book Encyclopedia, 2000 ed.