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As a result of the Stasi, those who were found guilty were arrested, interrogated, imprisoned, and in many cases, blacklisted. In the film, loyal Stasi officer Hauptmann Gerd Wiesler is assigned to spy on playwright Georg Dreyman.

That scene offers the audience and explanation on how the GDR was capable of convincing citizens to report on their friends and family. Hauptmann Gerd Wiesler, the loyal Stasi investigator, is an example of the ideal German citizen in the GDR.

It takes some convincing because of the obvious risks, but Aibileen agrees after Hilly, the leader of the housewives, starts a petition to require separate bathrooms in homes for the maids. Pretty soon, Aibileens best friend Minnie (Spencer) joins in, and more follow her. These women embark on a journey that empowers each of them in different ways from this point on, making for dynamic characters that add excitement.

Her confession challenges everything her children were taught to believe, as she reveals that her loyalty towards the GDR was not genuine, but was instead a product of fear. She never left for Berlin and dedicated her life to socialism to ensure that her children would not be taken away from her. The power of the Stasi and the influence they have on people is depicted very gently in the film. The director shows the forcefulness of the agents and how they would go about investigating a home, but failed to show how and why the Stasi provoked fear, and instead relied on the audience's memories of the horrific past. If youre upset or angry at someone, an action movie or thriller might just do the trick. Two other ways people feel when trying to watch movies are tired and hyper, but it is definitely best to be neither. The film's story included death, drugs, and corruption to accurately portray Germany's past. The most disturbing aspect in.