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Motivation Tips that Actually Work: 6 Sure-Fire Ways To Get Writing

Or ask yourself what youd start or finish writing if you only had a month to live. I motivated myself to write a 70,000 word manuscript by telling myself that if I didnt write it that year I never would. Create tight imaginary deadlines for yourself to spur you on. Try pretending you only have one hour to write today and that can be a good incentive to get on with it. Its unpaid, this is true even of successful, established and published writers, people like Zen Habits and Write to Done founder Leo Babauta who still regularly give away his writing on his own blogs and elsewhere.

A guest Post by Annabel Candy of Get in the Hotspot. Have you noticed how easy non-writers think writing is? When youre a writer that can be frustrating. There are three main things about writing that make it lack the social proof people expect of professional activities.

Appropriately enough for writers its called sically, you tell someone your goal and then update them regularly on your progress. It may be a friend, but it can be anyone, and it can also be done on the phone, with a text message, face to face, or on Twitter where you dont even need anyone specific to report too.

Meanwhile writers who do actually earn a living from their work still struggle to stay motivated and keep writing. Faced with all this opposition, both external and internal, how can we motivate ourselves to get writing and keep at it?

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