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How to Format Your Novel Manuscript The Editor s Blog

The correct manuscript format to please editors and agents. Permissions, we recommend you use original, unpublished artwork, tables and other material in your manuscript whenever possible, or where not possible, material from other Elsevier imprints, where the material is copyrighted by Elsevier.

Come Join Me ( Other Writers Digest Staffers)! As the online editor of Writers Digest (and a published author) I speak at writing events all the time to help others get published.

Anonymous The definitive writing resource on formatting. Order today! As an editor, I can tell you that queries and manuscript submissions (unfortunately) come in all shapes, sizes, fonts and (Im not making this up) colors, making it a pain to sift through them. It is also essential to the timely publication of the book.  Please download a blank author permission log to help with your tracking. For further instructions on how to complete the author permission log, please refer to this example. Heres a list of upcoming events where either I or another Writers Digest staffer will offer instruction to help you achieve your writing goals. Come join me! Brian A. Klems is the editor of this blog, online editor of Writers Digest and author of the popular gift book.

For more information about permissions, Rightslink and more, visit this page.