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The Biography Maker. This tool will step you through creating an informative biography on the person of your choosing. History Timelines on the Web. Find history timelines from all around the world on a wide variety of topics. Find everything from the mechanics of writing a paper to how to research controversial topics on this site. EasyBib. Use this tool to easily create a bibliography in MLA style for books, journal articles, and more. Online Conversion. Visit this site for an amazing number of conversions including global times, acceleration, and distances. History Help. This forum is a great place to post your questions or browse through past questions and answers. The Quad. Students can collaborate on school projects or organize face-to-face social events with this social network. Bored of Studies. From Australia, this group helps students with their last two years of studies before college.

However, by following specific guidelines and perhaps with a little patience, over a period of time one can create a profitable website based largely on the amount of traffic it receives. Homework Hotline. If you live in Indiana, use this hotline to get free science and math help. Math These math sites will help you learn everything from algebra to trig. AplusMath.

The quest for learning about making your first website can be a daunting task. The articles located on this website are designed to help you answer your questions related to making websites. General Homework Help, these sites all provide free homework help. MSN Encarta Homework Help. Find articles, tools, links to information on specific topics, and even a homework message board here. HippoCampus.