Help in writing a personal statement for job -

Purdue OWL: Writing the Personal Statement

I posses an excellent ability to motivate others, coupled with the ability to communicate comfortably at all levels, therefore ensuring an excellent working environment for all members of the team to perform at their bests.

An excellent personal profile statement must be: Relevant, short and to the point! Only contain positive information, personal Profile Statement: position on a CV, based upon experience and recent research, it doesnt really matter where this statement is located as long as the statement is present somewhere on the CV in a logical way. Personal profile example 7 Sales Person I am a mature, positive and hardworking individual, who always strives to achieve the highest standard possible, at any given task. I posses excellent communication skills and I have the ability and experience to relate to a wide range of people.

Give yourself plenty of time to write the personal statement. Read and follow any instructions - e.g. It may be stated that it should be hand-written or typed (if hand-written, make sure that it is legible!).

Bring a copy of your personal statement to the Careers Service for one of the careers advisers to discuss with you. Keep a copy of what you have written as it will probably be referred to at interview. I enjoy learning new things, I can work very well under pressure and I have the sales experience to handle customer complaints and solving problematic situations. Personal profile example 8 Primary School Teacher I am a loyal, talented and caring person who loves making a difference into the lives of young children.

Try to make your personal statement unique or distinctive in some way. One way to make it individual is to give a detailed example of something specific to your own experience, such as an event that influenced your decision to pursue a particular course or career.