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I remember watching my bank balance grow, my target was to save 10,000. It seemed like a fortune at the time, when I set the goal I could barely make ends meet, never mind save any money. We live and learn I suppose. Thank goodness I used a letting agency who knew what they were doing. That was a bit of luck too, it never occurred to me that some of them could be rogues so I never even thought to check them out.

Feb 2, 2015. If Michael invests mainly in UK residential property, his wealth will not be very. It would also be worth Natalie setting up a pension plan for herself. Ying Tan, managing director of The Buy to Let Business, said: My advice to. I realised that I couldnt really afford a house, not a modern one anyway, and not being much of a handyman the thought on ongoing maintenance of an old terraced property was very off-putting. I wonder if women go through something similar when they give birth to their second child? Never say never again! The first load of paperwork was the mortgage application, for me that was second nature, I worked as a financial consultant at the time.

Just two years after buying my first property investment, i owned 9 more. Buying that first one was like finding a magic lantern for my buy to let mortgage business. The Genie that popped out to grant me my wish gave me the confidence I needed to share with other prospective landlords how I got into the business and how. I was selling mortgages and life insurance at the time so my reason for joining a landlords association was that a group of landlords would be rich pickings right? Wrong! Id never met such a cynical bunch in my whole life. Mark Alexander founder of m, the story began in 1989 when I purchased a property which I soon realised I couldnt afford to live in. I suppose that was my first buy to let property investment and many landlords get started that way.