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The context of a research study (e.g., urban vs. Rural) is one factor to consider. Also important, however, is how the study was conducted. More specifically: How were students assigned to the small and large classes? Is the research trustworthy? How can the research be used to guide policy? Answering these questions will help policymakers: Make evidenced-based decisions about education policies, gain a better understanding of research methods, become more informed consumers of research. For example, how should a legislator decide whether state funds should be used to reduce the size of classes in K-12 schools? A legislator might make this decision based on the following: An anecdote about how a neighbors child performed better after transferring to a school with smaller class sizes A perception that the legislators own performance was better in. The glossary is also accessible independently. The, appendices include discussions of concepts included in the main body of the Primer but covered here in more detail. A Research Typology explains different kinds of methods education researchers use and the relationships among the various methods NRCs Principles of Scientific Research in Education is a discussion of the six principles the National. Sign In, sign up, before we can start your download, please take a moment to join our communityof 25,733,405 academic researchers. Connect, connect, sign up with email, we're sorry. There were some errors with your registration: By signing up, you agree to ourTerms.

As the user progresses through the Assessment Guide, he or she can click on the green terms to link directly to the Primer sections that discuss the relevant concepts. For the busy policymaker or other individual who would rather "learn by doing the Quick Primer provides that opportunity although it will not give the same depth of understanding as reading. How Do I Know What the Research Says? How Do I Know If the Research Is Trustworthy? How Do I Know If the Research Warrants Policy Changes? At the heart of the Primer are these questions. For example, which of the following research studies provides better support for a decision about reducing class size? A study of student achievement in small classes compared to large classes in one urban school district A study of student achievement in small classes compared to large classes in 10 rural school districts.