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JP: aids activism and gay rights activism can't be separated, no matter how much you might want to, and it's a profoundly shameful flaw in how our general society works The kinds of moral metaphors society uses in dealing with aids are simply a fact of life. The, advocate during the 1970's. He's a sexual radical who championed the activities of the leather community during the eighties, a writer with any number of short stories, novels, erotica, non-fiction work and journalism to his credit. It blocked his motivation to write for a time, but eventually recharged his batteries. One way he copes is to write. Utilizing the extensive network of friends he has among other gay writers and activists, he has succeeded in compiling, personal Dispatches: Writers Confront aids, st. That was difficult to take. It was very strange but clear to me I never assumed I was not HIV. The moment I heard about aids, I recognized myself as someone who was highly at risk. And, in all immodesty, I think you will discover in this interview a discomforting, if not thought provoking, colloquy between two people of very divergent views. John, preston is no stranger to gay writing, having been one of the first editors of.

What infuriates me are those who don't know what's happening to their bodies or the treatments they're being given, mainly because they're unwilling to challenge medicine. That's a very complex issue I'm not suggesting people toss aside their medicine and go off and love their crystals, but they don't ask their doctors questions, and they're not motivated to deal with.

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