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When using custom results server option in the properties i cannot get the quiz to trigger this URL, and even if i manually insert the URL into the ml file it still does not trigger this URL.

The ml can also override the settings that is compiled into the quiz file. It is possible that the wrong settings here can override the right settings in the.swf file. Do you have a link to the URL - I can check it out for you. Alexander McCabe, july 7, 2009 01:35PM unfortunately i cant give you a URL as it is running internally on our intranet server, however when i run the quiz and get to the sending responses section i get the following error: Sending results to urlhttp web/intranet_systems/web_quiz/webapp3/px? It might be that you need a 'crossdomain. Xml' file on the webserver - there is more info on this at m, you can find a crossdomain. Xml file in the Collator 1.1 or find one here, m, place this in the root directory of your web server that is receiving the results. Alexander McCabe, july 8, 2009 08:48AM, i am trying to setup a Custom Results Server and I have successfully completed all task in the Install document for Collator 1.4. After completing the quiz it will not send the results. R77640/url, attempt 15, problem sending results. Will continue trying indefinately. Please check the internet connection and the availability of the server. OnLoad Failure undefinedundefined. Darren, july 7, 2009 02:44PM, hi Darren, This error indicates that the quiz has the URL, but either cannot connect to the URL or is not getting back a response. I can access the quiz successfully on my server and I have tested my email server as well. Not sure what I am missing. I would really like to get this working before deciding to purchase a license as I would prefer to use my own server, rather than connecting to the internet for my results.

Alexander McCabe, july 7, 2009 02:57PM, i am running this internally on our web server so it should not need to connect to the internet. I have placed the crossdomain. Xml file at the root of the web server and still this did not resolve my issue.