Money doesn buy happiness essay -

Money Can t Buy Happiness. But Happiness Can Get You Money!

Fitzgerald criticizes the American dream in his novel, The Great Gatsby, by showing Jay Gatsby s tragic flaw, his belief that money can buy happiness and his. Therefore, he shot Gatsby and himself. "Gatsby stands for a deeper malice in the culture- a sickness that dives young men to think that riches can obliterate the past and capture the hearts of the girls of the dreams Hermanson 56). As Marius Bewly say, "he is a creature of myth in whom is incarnated the aspiration and the ordeal of his race 17). Gatsby is caught up with regaining his love for Daisy he limits his social life at the chance of meeting her again.

Gatsby tries to use the house to win the happiness and respect from others. Another reason for the house is to hide the way in which he really makes his money.

Daisy's and Gatsby's relationship start years before in Louisville. As Gatsby and her had an affair, Gatsby fell in love. Before he left for the war she told him that she would wait for him, she did not.

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Mar 11, 2013. The fact that we know that money can t buy happiness doesn t seem to help. Most people continue to have the desire to create a higher income.