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A few of the bunch act like a bunch of bums instead of soldiers, but they will get that taken out of them when they get to a real camp. They got Parker Melliush for kitchen duty the first thing.

I have been sort of an orderly around the office since I have been here and I get to move around a little which keeps me doing something. All I want to do is to cross this water just once more, then I have no desire whatever to go on any more ocean trips. I got a good look at the city from the waterfront today. It was a bright clear day and we could see quite a distance. I have seen pictures of N.Y. I will write all that I can and as often as possible and I hope that you get them all O.K. I wish you all sorts of good luck and happiness for your birthday. Walter Anthony was stuck for guard duty last night. It must be fine walking up and down in front of a row of tents watching the other fellows sleep. One thing they did do, everybody had to quiet down at ten-thirty last night. An overview of the solitary (intrapersonal) learning style. Contact US. You may have attended self-development. Write down what works well and doesn't work.

Well, I must close so as to mail this right away so, goodbye little girl for a time at least. Keep on writing. With truest love, Lloyd M. Staley, my address: Co. Edu/ww1hist/. \"Our company was now part of the 35th Division, u.S. Army and Company K became Company K 137th U.S. Infantry, formed by recruits from the states of Kansas and Missouri.