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The Nuts and Bolts, now, lets talk about how I was able to find the writers, and how I managed them. Finding the Right People, as Anand mentioned in his post, you can make more money faster if youre willing to hire appropriately. Insert something about my business, how they will write on a variety of topics, flexible schedule and better than average pay for on-campus jobs. Id like to come in and maybe take 2-3 minutes to pitch the idea to some of your students in your upper level writing classes. Word quickly got around that this content was top-notch, and at the price point we were hitting, it was more than worth buying. He got booked up extremely fast and we had to start turning away customers.

You are offering generally higher wages than what would be made at an on-campus job, and it is relevant to the field of the student. This job is the type of thing that would be great to put on a resume.

Right now, he/she doesnt realize the kind of money that can be made simply doing content writing. The typical university student has no idea how to even find these types of writing jobs.

Second, the student is not likely to up and leave because he/she still has to finish school. As long as you, the employer, continue to offer a good wage, there is no reason for the writer to stop writing for you.

They should still be compensated properly. In fact, as I mentioned earlier, I would find out what theses students can make at a normal on-campus job and make sure that the rates would be higher than this.

If that is ok with you, please let me know when I can come in and do this. Thanks, Mitchell, i typically had a pretty solid response rate, and even if I didnt get to come in and pitch the students, a lot of times the professor would offer instead to send an email out to all the students in.