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Registry Entries, when finished click on OK in the General Preferences screen Select Run Diagnostics Now. The following will appear unless there are additional steps that still need to be completed Click OK Click Design New or Open Report from the Quickbooks Statement Writer screen Solution 2:Check to see if your company file name contains special characters (such as,!, or. QuickBooks Statement Writer (QSW) comes with a diagnostic utility that will recognize if this is missing and prompt you to install it. Launch QSW by going to, reports QuickBooks Statement Writer, click on the. Solution 3: Rename the i file Browse to default location: C:UsersusernameappDataLocalIntuitStatement Writer Right click on iswprefs and select Rename. Add OLD to the name (i.e. IswprefsOLD) and hit Enter Repeat Solution 1. The following Microsoft Office versions do not support Intuit Statement Writer or Quickbooks Statement Writer: Microsoft Office Basic Edition 2003, office Standard Edition 2003. Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003, quickBooks Statement Writer in, quickBooks 2013 does not support any version of Excel 2003. Anolder version of Excel is installed (2002 or 2003) which lacks the Visual Studio components mentioned above. Microsoft. Office was installed after the edition of, quickBooks is already installed. Your company file name contains special characters that are in conflict with Microsoft Windows guidelines to create a folder.

Why this is happening, the issues occur when you are using a version of Microsoft Office that does not support. XML. All versions of Microsoft Excel 2007 and later support, xML, but only some versions of Excel 2003 do. The blank worksheet remains open and the ISW does not close. For QuickBooks Statement Writer - when clicking to open the QSW: QuickBooks displays the "Statement Writer" window. When selecting \"Design New Design a new financial report\ one of thefollowing messages displays: Warning - The Default Appearance could not be edited.