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Domestic violence can be described as a violent or aggressive behavior within the home, typically involving the violent abuse of a spouse or partner. Domestic violence can happen on the street, in ones home or even in a public place. Tags: Social Issues, Exposure to Domestic Violence 844 words(2.4 pages) free Essays view Domestic Violence -. By reporting the abuse to police you could re-victimize the victim by making them tell the stories of abuse (Hyman, Ariella).

The next step would be a violent episode where there will be outbursts of abusive acts, so that the abuser can feel as if he is in control with his/her victim. Laws of mandatory reporting put women who are scared of fighting back in danger. Not only could the abuser beat the woman but also he could take his anger out on the children as well (health care providers.). Tags: Violence Against Women Essays : 3 Works Cited 1226 words(3.5).

All these terms refer to the same thing, abuse by marital, common law, or a dating partner in an intimate relationship. Tags: Preventing Domestic Violence : 7 Works Cited 2225 words(6.4 pages) Research Papers preview, the Minneapolis Domestic Violence Experiment, domestic Violence has been an integrated part of many family units throughout history. Through stricter law enforcement, improved hospital reporting techniques, and nationwide education and counseling, this problem can be reduced. Domestic violence has many different names such as, family violence, battering, wife beating, and domestic abuse. In this essay I intent to give a definition of domestic violence and explain the main kinds of abuses. I will also suggest some possible solutions to diminish or to eliminate this problem and I will show some domestic indicators.