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A good approach is to read the entire question twice before you look at the answers. Also be sure to read each of the answer choices - test writers will often put misleading answers first to lure you in.  Your scores on the asvab determine not only your entrance into the military, but also your job, advancement opportunities, and potential salary.  The asvab exam consists of questions in ten different areas, but in general, the exam is measuring your aptitude in four key areas: Math, Verbal, Science and Technical, and Spatial. General Science Practice Test 1, arithmetic Reasoning Practice Test 1, word Knowledge Practice Test 1. Math Knowledge Practice Test 1, electronics Information Practice Test 1, auto and Shop Practice Test 1. Your scores in other areas of the asvab test will determine what military specialties you are best suited for, thus the higher the score, the better chance you will have of getting that job or specialty you desire.

Electronics Information - including electrical tools, symbols, devices, and materials. Auto Information and Shop Information - including automotive components, systems and tools, shop tools, building materials, and building and construction procedures. Here, students are not necessarily testing for military positions but rather just testing their strengths and weaknesses. A truly good asvab study guide should prepare you for reading between the lines, to understand word strength and to determine word relationships, to save time using skimming techniques and to practice smarter, not harder. First, an asvab study guide will help to understand what the components of the test are. There are four critical sections that count toward your afqt score and thereby qualify for enlistment : Arithmetic Reasoning, Paragraph Comprehension, Mathematic Knowledge and finally Word Knowledge.