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Shennie Ren, China, many thanks. The essays look great and very precise. I highly appreciate your help on this and the end-result. Christian V, Switzerland, read More. Read more. Essays and Papers, essay prompts are meant to challenge you to think about a particular product, to stretch your imagination and come up with an argument. Sometimes the hardest part of an essay is going back to edit it.

Gateway2MBA : MBA essay editing service for the top achievers. Do you aim for offers from at least four out of five b-schools you will apply? If yes, please read on. It is a bold promise. The Gateway2MBA team is committed to provide high-quality and highly value adding MBA essay editing service for all MBA applicants. We employ seven pronged strategy, so that you can differentiate yourself and successfully project a holistic picture of your candidature, which is in-line with the school's values and offerings.

In our MBA essay reviewing and editing service, we provide detailed critique and suggestions for improvement of essays with the following objectives. 1 Are your answers hiting the bull's-eye? 2 Have you used examples and numbers to substantiate your claims? We will critically review your answers and guide you to develop your MBA essays in a way that, you show the admission committee that you have the motivation, dedication and vision to succeed. 3 Are the anecdotes suitable for MBA admission essays and have you exhibited all the expected skills through your anecdotes? 4 Are the essays meeting the requirements of the specific school? Whether you need a 75 page thesis edited in three days, or extensive editing and review of your graduate school personal statement, Wordsmith Essays is sure to offer what you need.