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Here's how zoomers like you are taking care of their neighborhoods: Holly, Sam, and Brady of Alaska pick up trash around their neighborhood. Brady of Maine donated some of his toys to a family who had a fire in their home.

Plastic jars and coffee cans with plastic lids work well. Make sure the collection jars aren't too big because pennies can weigh a lot. Just 1,800 pennies (18) weigh ten pounds! Visit, welcome Home Heroes, show your support for U.S. Soldiers serving abroad by participating in POV's poster-making activity or by making a poster welcoming your own hometown heroes. Just for Kids, learn how to help animals in your neighborhood and at school. Then she bought 61 teddy bears and brought them to her fire department. The fire department gives the bears to kids to comfort them after a fire. Here's how to start your own penny drive: Choose a way to help. Lewis Free Spirit Publishing This book offers ten steps to successful service and many ideas on how to volunteer. The Kids' Volunteering Book By Arlene Erlbach Lerner Publications Company Meet dozens of kids who are volunteering, and learn how to start your own volunteer project. Call Call your Volunteer Center. This is a place that can help you find volunteer projects. To find a Volunteer Center near you, visit this Web site or call 1-800-volunteer. Ask an adult to help you call. The community organized a simple, inexpensive park cleanup, filling over 400 bags with trash.  Motivated by this success, the group went on to organize a series of arts events in the park.