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10 3.20 / 5 pPT PPS Size: 624.6 KiB Downloads: 15,779, advertisements. Tags: Customer Service powerpoint, Customer service ppt, Sales ppt, Slide download, Speaker resource service, by: ReadySetPresent 16821, views, business Finance 78 months ago, download.

« Business / Finance PPT Templates, customer Support PowerPoint Template, advertisements. If you are looking for free, customer Support PowerPoint template or any other free Microsoft Office Powerpoint templates, then this template may fit very well for you. Tags: Customer, External, Relations, Service, Skills, by: ReadySetPresent 75227, views, education 85 months ago, download. Customer Service PPT 163 slides include: understanding the basics of effective customer service, knowing customer wants and expectations, the 4 steps to super service, what to say and addressing excuses, implementing a program and examining behaviors, 7 practical steps to customer service, performance standards and. The customer theme for PowerPoint is a free template with blue background and customer support theme prepared for customer support issues. The template is free and you can use this for service support or customer support in your company but also for free call center PowerPoint presentations. Customer Service PowerPoint Content, customer Service PowerPoint Presentation Content slides include topics such as: understanding the basics of effective customer service, addressing excuses, examining behaviors, 7 steps to customer service, words to use and words to avoid, top ten customer complaints, five common customer requests, implementing a good customer service program, service standards, 4 steps to super service, how to's.

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